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The House from the Notebook

I was a participant in the Sims 4 Nicholas Spark Collab organized by lost_in_simland and ErynWithaY to turn Brindleton Bay into the world from the Nicholas Sparks Collab. I was so flattered to be asked to join and even happier when I was assigned to build my first choice, the iconic mansion from the Notebook that Noah renovated in the film!

When looking through screenshots, it seemed like the interiors were definitely not filmed in the same location as the exterior. That's usually the case with movies, but I still tried to make the floorplan as accurate to what you see in the movie as possible. One of the other things to know about the build is that when you see it in the movie, it is not very furnished because Noah has just bought it and renovated it. Presumably, the couple lives in it afterward, so I used the stills from the movie to furnish it as closely as possible but added a few things to the sparser rooms. There are several rooms you don't see in the movie, so the kitchen, office, and other bedrooms are all from my imagination. Here are some pics for comparison! Hope you like it!

The speed build is available on my youtube channel.

The house is on the gallery as "The Notebook House"

There is a second version called "The Notebook w/ Shed" which includes Noah's shed on a larger lot.

And don't forget to check out the hashtag #nicholassparkscollab on the gallery, youtube, and Instagram to see more creations by the other talented simmers. The collab list is:

Hosted by lost_in_simland with erynwithay0320 as a co-conspirator
















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