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The Haunted Circus | Sims 4 Spooky Carnival Build

I was invited to participate in the Halloween 2021 Collab hosted by TheSimsCreatives and was so happy to have the opportunity! I build a fair amount of spooky houses already so I decided to try something totally different and went for a dark, scary circus theme.

The circus has several different areas and is more or less functional. There is a viewing room, a games tent, darts, a karaoke booth, food stalls, a bar area, and of course spots for selling items. The tents also have some interesting things. There is a psychic's tent, an alien creature tent, and a tent for some bubble-blowing fun. The two largest tents are a hall of mirrors and a stage area. In the back there is a small caravan community for the sims who run the circus. There is also a spooky graveyard and a play area for kids! It is listed as generic on the gallery but you could change the venue type to make it more functional for each activity!

I've put up a video on my channel https://youtu.be/vKhAk1d9slk where I talk about the case of a French noblewoman who, ooop, also happened to be a serial killer. Her murders also incidentally set off what was a bit of a witch hunt and witch hysteria in 1600s France. It's pretty interesting, so check the video to learn more!

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Haunted Circus

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