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The Abandoned Chateau

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

I was a participant in the Youtube of Horrors Competition hosted by Miss Unfortunate on YouTube. I had a lot of plans for the video, which was supposed to consist of a spooky build with a scary story to go along with it. I first thought of using my build of Crimson Peak, but decided that I didn't want to use a story from a movie. Then, because of my interest in history, I considered building the H.H. Holmes hotel. That build didn't quite spark my interest as much, however, due to the lack of reference images.

So then, on the recommendation of ErynWithaY, I watched a channel called the Bros of Decay where they explore abandoned mansions and chateaux. I was very inspired by that and decided to build an abandoned chateau with a ghost story for my entry! Below are some pics. Check out the Youtube video for the story!

Gallery Information: Abandoned Chateau by BeccaTownSims

Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/78tdvxbcq5204gl/AACCd61wavKlUhEPcUbTCg-fa?dl=0

Oh random fact... I procrastinated so hard on figuring out my idea for this build that I made the whole thing in a day and a half, including putting the video together. Whoops.

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