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Sunny Cove - Sims 4 Island Living Community

Gallery Information: Sunny Cove Condos by BeccaTownSims

I've been working on my save file, and while I am giving some pre-made families makeovers and storylines, I am also moving in some of my own townies. One of my biggest pet peeves with the game is how few lots there are in some world. I made several townies that I think are from Sulani, but there were not enough lots to put them on, so I decided to clear out the Admiral's Wreckage and build a little community!

There are 4 of my townies who live here, and I tried to show their styles in their homes. There are also some communal areas, a little pagoda for hanging out, and a beach shack with vending machines, bar, and grill. Check out the Youtube Video for all the details!

Gallery Information: Sunny Cove Condos by BeccaTownSims

Direct Download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/m7ylcctob4ei02n/AABsgXmopCZghr6yy1otiQdka?dl=0

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