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Sultry Springside Renovation

On the gallery as: Sultry Springside by BeccaTownSims

One of my favorite pre-made families to play in the Sims 4 is the Caliente family along with the charming rake Don Lothario. Because I love chaos, I usually make Don string along all of the Calientes before he moves over to the Goth household to cause maximum heartbreak. That's why when the Something Simlish team hosted the New Year, New Me collab, I signed up to do Sultry Springside and all of the Sims that live there.

The house honestly isn't too bad for an EA build. It has a distinct character and isn't totally bare inside. It is ugly and dark and outdated inside, but hey some people just have ugly houses. For the collab we were supposed to keep renovations "plausible" so I didn't knock out any walls. I just gave the house a new roof, new paint, a new window treatment, new landscaping, new furniture.... uhhhh everything but the floorplan, I guess. Let's pretend they won a total home makeover show!

So I kept the style in the Spanish Revivial (I am guessing that is what we can label it, but this style is not my forte), but changed the color palette to a more sophisticated black and white scheme. You can check out the full before and after on my youtube video, but there are some after pics below.

First, the family. I know these aren't great shots. I didn't bother to pose them. My bad. Since the family makeovers are also supposed to be realistic, I just changed clothes, hair, and makeup. And barely even did that much to Don because we all know he is incorrigible.

Now the house!

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