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Something Simlish Modern Mood Apartments Collab

Something Simlish is a group account dedicated to promoting positivity, diversity, and inclusion in the Sims 4 community. As part of the original concept of the Something Simlish account, the core members considered using the idea of Sim moods as the design theme. We did a collab together based around this original theme. The concept was that each member would furnish an apartment in the Sims based on a mood!

SimsbyLinea : Shell, Flirty Apartment

_Clutterfox : Inspired Apartment

NerdyPanda : Bored Apartment

BeccaTownSims : Happy Apartment

Here are the interiors from my section of the build! If you want to see more, check out the socials of the other member's or my tour on Youtube!

If you download this on the gallery, you will find that we also left some apartments open for anyone who wanted to add their own!

Gallery Information:

Simlish Mood Apartments

by BeccaTownSims

Shell by SimsbyLinea

Tour on Youtube

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