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Random Victorian Renovation | Before and After

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

I tried the 10-minute speed build challenge but with an extra twist: The build that I made had to be a random Victorian from a google image search. The results of my live build were particularly disastrous. Here is the before from my video.

In addition to the exceedingly undone exterior, the inside featured a bathroom that was 2/3 of the house, a tiny living room, completely unfinished walls, and absolutely no way to gain access to the upstairs! So to redeem myself after such a terrible build failure, I knew I had to renovate this baby.

Below are the results. I am calling it the Redemption Reno on the gallery. You can see that the main features of the house are the same, as I left the shell alone. I did reduce the bathroom size on the interior though lol. Also did a lot of work on the roofing and made some changes to make it more like the photo that served as inspiration.

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