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LillyLune - A Sims 4 Art Nouveau Inspired Townhouse

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

This build was inspired by the Willowcrest Dollhouse, which kept coming up on my searches on Pinterest when I was looking for some art nouveau inspiration for a build in Glimmerbrook. Art Nouveau is a difficult style to replicate in the sims, even with the fabulous items that come with the Realm of Magic pack, because it relies on a lot of asymmetries and curved lines and sims just does not like curvy builds. A lot of art nouveau facades also have carved plaster or other elaborate work that there just... aren't options for. But the dollhouse looked doable!

I put this on the lot on Waterlock Redoubt where Candy and Yuki Behr live. I thought that Windenburg, the most historical of all the Sims worlds, was probably the best place for it. The interiors are kind of simple, without a lot of clutter. They have some custom artwork by withlovejulien from the Sims 4 gallery. There aren't too many pictures because the house is actually smaller than it looks and it was a bit difficult to get pictures of!

I actually built it a few weeks ago and was planning to do some interesting Spill the Tea on History video featuring a scandalous art nouveau era story, but nothing came to mind. So the speed build is just me chatting, although there is a bit of unrelated historical content about the deadly dangers of Victorian and Edwardian homes. Totally the wrong period I KNOW, but I was sick.

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