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Laurence Mansion aka Laurie's House from "Little Women"

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

I am back on my "Little Women" bullshit, y'all. I am gearing up to start playing and recording my Sims 4 Little Women Challenge, but before that, I have to have a house for Laurie aka Teddy aka Theodore Laurence (and his grandfather) for my new historical neighborhood. I'm setting the challenge in Brindleton Bay because it has a New England vibe and the downtown area looks as close to 1860s Concord as we are going to get in the Sims. I already made Orchard House for the girls, so it was time for Laurie's house, which I built on the Chateau Frise lot. I used the pictures below for reference, which I believe are of the exterior set locations for the 2019 Great Gerwig adaptation.

The sims version house has 2 downstairs bedrooms with 3 more upstairs (1 is for a servant). There are 3 bathrooms, a library and music room for Beth to use when she comes over. There is a plain kitchen, dining room, formal living area, and fairly plain grounds.

It is on the Sims 4 gallery as "Laurence Mansion" by BeccaTownSims.

Check out the speed build here. During it, as per my most recent speed build uploads, I chat about some history. This time I chose to talk about the Boston Molasses Flood (a truly bizarre bit of history). It has very little do with the actual build, but hey Concord is close to Boston, and it was something interesting to chat about while building!

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