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Forgotten Hollow Town Center

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Forgotten Hollow is one of the Sims 4 worlds that has always seemed a little disappointing to me. There aren't very many lots and the main area of the world is a fairly empty park at the center. When I play a family, I like to more or less keep them in the world that they live in, only letting them venture out to distant worlds for "special occasions." It just makes the game feel more realistic to me to keep sims mostly living in their hometowns.

So since I have been playing a vampire family in Forgotten Hollow, the lack of commercial lots was really bothering me. There are only 5 lots total in the world, so I picked Fledermaus Bend to make into a commercial area. I thought about using Vlad's lot, but honestly, Vlad is iconic and his place is surrounded by tombstones, which I wasn't sure how to work into the lot I was envisioning.

The result is a shabby town center, because who is paying taxes when so many residents are mysteriously disappearing?? At the center is the town hall, which has office spaces for the town clerks and the mayor, an employee kitchen, a museum dedicated to the town's founding, and a reception room for weddings.

On the right side of the strip, there is a cafe and a library. Upstairs, the library has a public arts space. The other side of the street contains a pub and a lounge. Downstairs in the lounge, there is a night club. I figured that it was only appropriate that the vampire town contained a lot of nightlife!

You can flip the lot type at any time while playing to make it functional for the following types:

  • Nightclub

  • Bar

  • Lounge

  • Library

  • Arts Center

  • Museum

  • Cafe

  • National Park

  • Generic

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Name: Forgotten Hollow Town

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