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Dark Academia Magic Realm Renovation

I decided that it was time to try another rebuild of the Magic Realm HQ in Glimmerbrook. The one that comes with Realm of Magic is so sad, so ~tragic. I thought that rebuilding would be the perfect opportunity for a Magic Academy that had some dark academia vibes.

The new lot can be accessed from the gallery and placed when visiting the magic realm by activating the free build cheat (enter cheat console, type in bb.enablefreebuild). It had everything that a magical student would need to stay long-term in the Magic Realm. There is a kitchen, bar, dining hall, dormitory, and a classroom for all the branches of the magical arts.

I had a great time with the video because I decided to research something a little spooky. I landed on the story of the Loudun Possessions. This is a fascinating bit of history where in 1600s France there was a super hot priest named Urbain Grandier who was accused of signing a contract with the devil and sending demons to plague a nunnery. Truly interesting stuff. If you are interested in the story or the build, check it out on my Youtube!

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Name: Dark Academia Magic Realm

by: BeccaTownSims

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