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Cyber Peak - A Sims 4 cyberpunk style city

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

I was very flattered when I was asked to work on a commissioned project. The request was for a 64x64 lot that was done in the same cyberpunk style as I did for the Plumbevil shell challenge, with a lot of interior shell left unfurnished and a sewer or subway level. I was SO EXCITED to work on this project!

Since the person who commissioned it told me that I could take as long as needed to finish, I would say that I worked on this build for over three months (off and on), layering all of the details of the city to make it as gritty as possible. The Journey to Battu pack came out while I was working on this and I found that some of the industrial-looking objects were PERFECT for this style.

Since the person who requested this wanted some shell, I did not do all of the interiors, but I would like to make a second version one day where they are completed. For now, there is a more upscale lounge, a motel, some apartments, a subway station, and sewer. If you like it and want to see the full tour, check it out on youtube.

It is available on the gallery as Cyber Peak V.1 but if you prefer, you can find the tray files, here.

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