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Chateau Peak- Sims 4 Celebrity Mansion Renovation

Chateau Peak- Del Sol Valley Renovation

Chateau Peak needed some major help. The original is a shockingly ugly celebrity home that frankly no sim celebrity of mine would be caught dead in. After being inspired by my good friend SimsbyLinea, who build a house that was loosely based on the Kardashians, I wanted to also build a villa worthy of my Sims 4 version of the Kardashian family.

My Kardashian-inspired family, the Moneytits, is a fabulous family of 6 (the mom, Kontessa, with young adults Kiki, Kandee, and Khlover, along with teens Kiwi and Kookoo). I wanted to build them a California-style complex that had plenty of room for everyone.

As a model, I used a few googlable pictures of real Kardashian homes as well as an image I found of a mansion that was owned by Britney Spears. Below are pics of the result! You can also find a build video on my Youtube channel!

The build is available on the Sims 4 Gallery.

Name: Chateau Peak

by: BeccaTownSims

9 Beds/ 9 Baths


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