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Beetlejuice House Sims 4

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Late last year I watched Beetlejuice for the first time since having seen it as a wee little child. I am happy to report that IT HOLDS UP, BABIES! After watching it, I was dying to make a replica of the beautiful Gothic Victorian house that the Maitlands call home. It was the first time that I tried a real-to-sims build, and it was particularly tricky because movie sets do not always match up proportionally when you look at their interior and exteriors.

Also! I could not find a floorplan for this, and not owning the movie, was reduced to trolling through google images to find some screen grabs to use as reference images. Still, I was pleased with the result, which I think captures the essence of the house, even though some details are a little fudged. Check out the tour on Youtube for the full experience.

This was also featured on a Sims Community article. Click to read!

Gallery information:

Name: Beetlejuice House

By: BeccaTownSims

Tray Files: On Dropbox

Watch the tour on Youtube

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