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Affluista Mansion : Landgraab Family Mansion Total Rehaul

On the gallery as: Affluista Mansion by BeccaTownSims

One of the fun things that I am doing right now is preparing a save file to seed all of my future games. I am taking the game about a generation ahead of where it starts in Sims 4 and progressing all of the families as I see fit as well as renovating all of the lots. I started in Oasis Springs with the Landgraab family home, Affluista Mansion. It sucked. I made it better. My version can't really be called a remodel because I completely destroyed the original and build the new one in a totally different style. I think that we are calling this one mid-century modern. It was not a look that I was going for on purpose, so it isn't perfectly on brand, thems the vibes I'm getting.

For my Landgraabs, Malcolm is grown up and has married Siobhan Fyres of Windeburg. I figured because she was so ambitious, she would want to be in one of the richest families. She has a successful career, and Malcolm continues to suck. They have 3 children: A teen daughter named Contralta, a teen son named Hiddlestamp, and a bratty child named Daredevil. I think you will be able to tell which room belongs to which kid. Each bedroom has its own ensuite bath and closet. There is also a gym and sauna in the basement and an extensive outdoor pool area, but no library or study cause we know these people aren't readers.

Check out my youtube video to see more of the house!

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